Gentle Outreach

For those meetings where a Church is wanting to bring those who don't yet know God's love, and for those who have lost their way – Fiona will share a moving testimony. A father who couldn't love her and the deception of the occult brought insecurity and confusion, but the glorious love of God overcame her sadness and brought the power to forgive – and immense joy.


A slightly stronger presentation of the Gospel, still using testimony, but giving people a chance to pray and receive Jesus as their Lord.

– Discover how to be sure your prayers are answered

– Know what real joy is

– Live in peace and contentment

– Hear from God

– Receive all that Jesus died to give you

– Walk in the destiny God has planned for you.

There is such greatness within every human being – and God, our Heavenly Father, who loves us, desires that we live life to the full and become all that He has created us to be – that we can even know a taste of heaven on earth. Fiona battled with painful rejection by her father, and was in desperate need of unconditional love; she shares how, through these struggles, the Lord led her to the most beautiful secret – and it was the Father’s love, and closeness with Him, that set her free. She shows from God’s Word how we can all receive greater revelation of His glorious love. In His presence (His love) there is fullness of joy.

Conferences and Ministry to Christians

Holy Spirit-led meetings and messages from God’s heart

– Revelation of God’s love (does God really love ME?)

– Why Christians fail to receive

– You are precious and chosen

– Success in the secret place

– Healing is the will of God for you.

Fiona teaches from God’s word how we can receive from our Heavenly Father, so that we can live confident, purposeful and joyful days on the earth. “I give God all the glory for the salvations, healing and restoration I see.”

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