The Lord is my strength and song; and He has become

my salvation

Psalm 118 verse 14

We had always given our testimony from time to time in churches, but we had never realised that God had called us to bring the Gospel as evangelists. In 1998, however, the Lord God started to move our hearts powerfully in the area of outreach. He has placed a passion within us for souls and the well–being of the body of Christ in general.

Amazingly, God uses us to minister His word, not only throughout Great Britain but abroad too. What an awesome privilege! To the Lord Jesus be all the praise and glory!

What can you expect if we do an event for you?

Outreach, Meetings for Christians, Christmas Services, Marriage Talks

"Together, outreach is what we tend to do more often. We love to bring presentations of the Gospel and intersperse the sharing of the word with anointed Gospel songs, humour and moving illustrations. The Lord has given us a number of powerful ways to bring the good news, but sharing our stories of faith in testimony is still one of our favourites. Certainly if we visit a Church for the first time, this would usually be how we would present the Gospel – unless asked otherwise.

"However the Lord leads us, the Gospel message always comes through very clearly. We usually pray a prayer of salvation to close."

Where do we minister? Anywhere!

Ministry abroad includes Romania, Albania, Moldova, Australia, USA, and The Falkland Islands (where we saw the Lord heal a woman with terminal cancer. This was the first time we saw a miracle at such a level.) We are also part of The Next Generation Alliance – Luis Palau, the great evangelist, has taken various people under his wing whom he believes are called of God. It was through his ministry that we had come to the Lord. In churches, hotels, stadiums, coffee–shops, theatres, on God–TV and other television networks around the world – in fact anywhere we are asked to bring His word – we are constantly in awe, watching the Holy Spirit save people and heal those in need.


Paul and Fiona’s testimony is humorous, but compassionate. Paul came to faith from a background of intellectual arrogance; in 1968 he argued against Billy Graham with Cliff Richard on television, and he was convinced he had won the argument. Yet all his immense success in show business could not remedy the failure within himself. Fiona sought God from an early age, thinking that she was a Christian, but was surrounded by deception (including spiritualists and mediums) – she also struggled with rejection – longing for a father's love. She too hoped that success in show business would bring her fulfilment and healing. How wrong they both were!. Their testimony tells how each of them found true happiness and real faith. As they bring their testimony, they sing songs from their album, and the Gospel message is clearly explained.

Paul and Fiona also offer a session on how to be blessed in marriage, as Christians. They have now been married for over twenty years, and are often asked to speak specifically about their life together. This is a delightful and inspiring event with a message much needed in today’s world.

The fruit we share

It is so thrilling to see God drawing people to Himself – in every meeting people are wonderfully saved. It is difficult to choose from the many testimonies, but we’ve picked a couple. We remember an event in Grimsby where God moved very powerfully. After the meeting we were able to talk to some of the people who had received Jesus; one was a little boy of eight who had been sitting on the front row, brought by his eleven year old friend. We had been concerned that the evening had been too grown up for them, but not at all: this young life came enthusiastically to the front, and with wide eyes said,“I’ve just prayed for Jesus to come into my heart”. The same night, a dear man who told us he was eighty years old wept as he admitted that the older generation were stubborn, and set in their ways: “How I wish I’d received Jesus years ago”, he said.

Whilst on a mission to the Falkland Islands, we met a lady, who spoke to us in tears, after the meeting. She had been battling with cancer for a long time, and had been in great pain. Sitting in the front row, she cried in agony, and was contemplating leaving, but was too embarrassed to get up in full view of everybody. As she sat there, the pain began to go – until it was completely gone. Thrilled and moved by the power of God, she told us she must have been healed. Three days later, the same dear lady returned, joyfully declaring that she had been playing with her children all week, doing things that had been impossible for her for months. She said “When you get back to England, please tell people what Jesus has done for me”. Relationships restored, His peace, joy and unconditional love received – to God be all the glory for ever!